Congratulations on Making a Godly Move to Invest in You to Elevate Your IMPACT and INFLUENCEThere is truly something remarkable that happens when you invest in you! Do you know what? I'll go ahead and tell you what it is, You Will Never Been the Same  
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"I just want to say, the time invested with DMI in 2017 was nothing short of amazing. It was worth everything I put into it. Clarity was brought to all my goals and I have learned so many steps and tips to be successful. I am fully persuaded that this is my year, I have a vision, I have clarity, I have purpose and I am alive. This will be a year like no other, manifestations coming out my pores because I have decided to take life by the reigns, put the word to work and dominate the way I was intended. This is more than excitement, this is intention and execution!  I'm stepping into alignment! Alignment of my purpose, calling, and God's plan A for my life. Don't just watch, join this movement! Thankful to Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel for your obedience." ~Te'Aire Griffin

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"Three years ago God gave me a vision it seemed like an impossible vision. I had lost faith, passions, people, friends etc but I gained a better understanding of every aspect of my life. I met two awesome women of God during this journey Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel who changed my entire perspective on business but keeping God first. I decided to partner with DMI. I knew business but didn't know how to present business; I had an idea of the ark God told me to build but I didn't have the tools. But because of their coaching, guidance, and leadership, I was able to create products and services."
Juanita Breland
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